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  • Open Letter from a friend/former co-worker, dated September 4, 2014

    To whom it may concern,

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Alan Armstrong for over 30 years, wow!  Alan is a very respectful, forthright, personable, good-hearted man. I became friends with Alan; worked with him as fellow employees and years later became an employee of his.  During the years I have known Alan, he has always had a strong work ethic, endeavoring to equip himself to become more productive. 
    My opportunity to work for Alan was on an as-needed basis during several years in his auction business.  Working for Alan was an advantageous and fun experience.  It widened my skill base while working in a positive atmosphere that emerges from leadership. Alan is confident, organized, efficient, and extremely competent making sound decisions which brought stability to the work environment. 

    I have seen and experienced Alan’s commitment of providing the highest level of service, which is second to none.  Any problem or issue that ever arose, he did everything in his power to make it right.  He was and is trusted and respected in his circle of influence and expertise.

    Alan is an effective communicator with the ability to oversee and accomplish the expectations of clients to the utmost of his ability, while looking to see where he can implement changes to obtain better exposure and greater satisfaction for his clients. He has a determined attitude for complete customer satisfaction with an excellent rapport with all people. I believe his knowledge and experience gives him the unique ability to assist his clients in meeting their needs in a satisfying manner.

    Alan has entrepreneurship in his dna.  I believe he was hard wired with it.  He also continues increasing his knowledge base by studying, researching, exploring new ideas and obtaining tools to implement that keeps him on the cutting edge of the evolution of the auction business.  I am confident that anyone who retains him will greatly benefit from his knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as gain a friend.

    He is one of the most positive, upbeat people I have ever met which makes working with him true enjoyment.  I am pleased to have had the opportunity, not only to know Alan personally, but to have been an employee of his and experience the caliber of his leadership.

    Lori Maxwell
    Branson, MO

  • Comments from our facebook page-

    Rack City the pick up was great. your well organized, you have the absolute best staff ever! What was the girls name that helped me load all that glass in the green toyota? I would like to sent her a public thank you
  • Alan Armstrong Thank you. I am not sure which one helped you, they all did a great job and hustled for all of our customers and clients all day long. It was either Shauna, Alicia or Keaton. Thanks for your kind comments, we appreciate being appreciated. 
  • Missy Shepherd Severson I was also impressed with how you did the pick up. I was picturing chaos. I was pleasantly surprised to see how you had it set up.
  • Alan Armstrong Thanks Missy. We've learned a thing or two after 22 years and almost 1600 auctions. We are always open to new ideas, so welcome them from anyone. You guys have been a pleasure to deal with and I look forward to lots more auctions out there.
  • Missy Shepherd Severson Wow! The Auction Barn looks great. Thanks for stacking our items immaculately by the door. You are awesome!

Comments on our linkedin
Alan Armstrong, Owner, Lead Marketer and Auctioneer
Michelle Lupton
Michelle Lupton
I first hired Alan in 1994 to liquidate an estate of my father in law. We received the results we were hoping for. I have since hired him on multiple occasions and referred him to many of my real estate clients whom always came back with great things to say about how he handles business. I would highly recommend Alan.
May 21, 2013, Michelle was Alan's clien

Eric Gipe
Writer, Producer, Host at Rallies & Rides

Alan is able to rise about the noise. As an Auctioneer his sole job is to promote and market an auction. Finding buyers for the sellers. His ability to do so is exceptional. His years of experience as an Auctioneer means he will deliver quality in a timely manner.

January 22, 2013, Eric was with another company when working with Alan at
Marty Rogers CAI AARE
Marty Rogers CAI AARE

Alan's a great guy to have on your team, he's personable, energetic, and very much the professional. We were very grateful to have him working on our team when we auctioned commercial property for the SBA, really helped with the success of those sales.

January 4, 2013, Marty was Alan's client


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